Newspaper & Long Distance

Often we are reluctant to change….the status quo is OK.

However, it was time to change on how our news was delivered and how we make long distance calls. Both overdue.

The News & Observer like many newspapers has seen dramatic declines in subscriptions and advertising. Along with this decline has also been decreases in content and reporting….and an increase in price. The value vs. price comparison no longer exists for the N&O. Time to change….eliminate the newspaper delivery….the internet has become the news provider.

The long distance service is a similar example. Long overdue….there are better ways to obtain long distance telephone….again the internet is also a long distance source as well as local telephone service provider. 

Some businesses have longevity in their business model….others don’t. That is why change is necessary….for both seller and buyer.


Hurricane Power

Debris Removal

Muskegon was and continues to be a manufacturing town. There are products to be made that are new or to be improved upon. Hurricane Power established in 2008 was founded to make a product that was more efficient in moving yard debris.

The company makes three models of high-powered blowers and is currently expanding:

The blowers like many products are assembled from various parts and components that are most likely fabricated in the West Michigan region.

For future growth, Hurricane Power will need to enhance the brand, expand the market and broaden the product line.

A+ Design

Coffee Cup

Most people would not pay attention to a simple coffee cup and even more so one from McDonald’s.

What makes the McCafe cup different is its design. It’s study, double-wall construction makes the cup fit firmly in the hand….and eliminates the need of a separate cup sleeve. The firmness of the cup also makes it less likely for the sides to compress when held….and spill hot coffee.

McDonald’s coffee may not be up to Starbuck standards….however the McCafe cup gets an A+ for design and functionality.


Market Shift

On Line Buying

Two recent stories:

Buying a mattress is much different now than in the past….there are many more options.

A good retailer should provide those options….and describe important features and benefits. In the selling process, at some point a decision needs to be made. If the customer is given the correct information….than that decision should not be so difficult.

The bottom line is the credibility and trust of the seller….if that has been gained, than the customer can make the right decision.

News Round Up

January 2018

+ Where are they now from January 2013 – 

+ Checkout lanes obsolete:

+ Eliminate plastic grocery bags:

+ To my mind, 9 of 10 companies underinvest in training. PERIOD. – Tom Peters

+ Kindness, in one word, is a business model, an approach to strangers and a platform for growth. It might take more effort than you were hoping it would, but it’s worth it. – Seth Godin

+ Southwest Airlines competitive advantage:

+ BBB complaints in NC:

+ Appropriate us for an iconic building:

Wine Glass

Halo Vino

From jsonline:

A better wine glass? Yes, at least a reusable plastic container.

Not earth shattering….a plastic wineglass….just better. The key reason for a better plastic wine glass….it solves a problem and enhances the flavor of the wine….the wine tastes better.

Not only a good idea….but a value product at less than $1 per glass.


Legacy Manufacturing

The NY Times had a recent pictorial on making pencils. Not a high-tech product by any means….however a complex manufacturing process.

Whether making pencils or specialized metal components….manufacturing is a vital part of our economy. There is still a need for quality pencils!