I really like coffee….yet Starbucks is not my best favorite. I came across Peet’s coffee several years ago in Berkely, CA. Why Peet’s?….because of a great experience going into the Peet’s store on Solano Ave ….seeing the brewers….and the people milling around….and the bold taste of Peet’s Coffee. So now Starbucks is reinventing itself. 

Starbucks is doing everything it can to differentiate itself from anyone else that is attempting to be in the coffee business be it MacDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts or anyone else that is making a run for Starbucks customers.

 Lesson Learned: Differentiate your business. It’s the product quality and the experience that really make the difference. That’s why I like Peet’s!

P.S. The founders of Starbucks were originally trained by Alfred Peet. (See Time Magazine-04.07.08.)