Trevor Gay-UK

Trevor Gay is a new “blog” friend from England….or perhaps more correctly the UK. Trevor has been in the health care field for many years. I came across Trevor’s blog on the Tom Peters web site. Our management/leadership ideas and thinking are quite similar. Anne’s grandmother was from Sheffield. Her father was stationed in England in WW ll and later in the early 60’s….so it seems that there is a strong connection here!. What really makes the connection stronger is the sharing of ideas from others not only here in America….but from around the world. This simply did not happen that easily in my early career. Now we have almost instantaneous exchanges and unlimited access to tons of information.

So what does this all mean. It means that we can use all the resources we can find to help us lead/manage our businesses and organizations in a challenging time. I often mentioned Tom Peters. Tom while a contemporary, also is a prolific writer and shares freely his seminars/presentations. Few others in this realm do that.

That’s Tom Peters on the left. Trevor Gay on the right.

Lesson Learned: Share…Learn….Grow. The end result: Everyone is better!

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