CoolGem – Different

A friend passed this along. Excellent!

Marketing is more than the sum of its parts.

Company: 72 Degrees Heating and Air Conditioning (highly descriptive)
Advertising: direct mail…”Invest $69 in a precision tune-up for your
air conditioner and I will guarantee you a 100% profit or will return
your $69 with no hard feelings” – compelling (only direct mail I’ve ever
responded to).
First telephone contact: “72 Degrees…how can I make you smile today?”
(I already was)
Second telephone contact: This is Bill, your 72 Degrees technician. I
plan to arrive at your home at 9:30 this morning.” ( he did — on the
First in-person contact: sparkling clean red service truck, sparkling
clean uniform, sparkling clean manners.
Tune-up _ 90 minutes for one of two units; recommended we not tune up                                   second unit since they were both relatively new.
Sales pitch: Explained service contract features and benefits with no
attempt at hard sell. (we deferred until both units were five years old.)

Result: Put all the pluses together for an unbeatable synergistic experience.

Lesson Learned: Be Different! to Be Better!


Sweet Roll

Old Chinese Proverb: A man without a simile should not open a store!

I believe in the free enterprise system. That’s why we have a strong economy and a high standard of living. What it all boils down to is someone selling a product or service and receiving something in return. I find it difficult to fault business. Now I do believe that some businesses are better than others. Some should not be in business. Ethics are critical in business. Businesses provide income to people who in turn buy products/services. So in one form or another we sell to each other all the time. So where am I headed with this?

I was very desirous of a sweet roll last week. I was near a local bakery. I went in. No life in the store.  No background music to create a buying environment. Bakery person seated. No greeting. No smile. Minimal information. No motivation to suggest perhaps a loaf of the Italian bread special. I did buy my sweet roll….however the end result….no selling….just an order taker.

Lesson Learned: Little things….put together makes a business better. No selling will lead to failure.