Do the Basic Things Right!

In my early business experience the basic things were: plan… organize… direct…and control. I still believe they are as important today as they were 35+ years ago. Yet in today’s business and organizational world, there are some more basics that are just as important. Having a clear vision for the enterprise….understanding the customer….getting the right people on board….a clear focus an product/services….commitment to excellence. These fundamentals are even more important as businesses are in an adjusting  business cycle.

Our seminar: TrueNorth: Wal-Mart looks at Wal-Mart from where they begun….where they are now….and what can be learned. My theory: we can learn a lot from these guys….just scale it down to our level. Oren Harari wrote recently: “Wal-Mart focuses on providing low priced goods in a practical, functional environment geared toward middle-and lower-income customers.” This is exactly what Sam Walton set out to to do. When Wal-Mart focuses on the fundamentals….they are a very effective business. Just look at their latest logo in relation to our economy. The real test: if Wal-Mart executes well at the store level.

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