Re-imagine; Re-tool; Re-invent




From Trees to Cell Phones 

Nokia, the world’s leader in cell phone technology re-invented itself from a staid manufacturing/natural resource company to a technology-driven mobile phone company. A classic case of re-invention. Tiger Woods in his desire to become a phenomenal gofer re-designed, re-invented his golf swing so that he could achieve his ultimate goals of winning major championships. In a recent newspaper article, I read that Sears wants to re-invent/reposition itself to reach a different customer demographic….a cross promotion between MTV and Sears. While Sears may want younger customers, a MTV film won’t be nearly enough to re-invent itself.

While we may not need to totally re-tool our businesses and organizations like Nokia….we do have to continually re-imagine how our enterprises connect to a changing customer and a changing world. It is pretty common to see businesses close after 20-30 years simply because they did not adapt to changing circumstances.

Lesson Learned: Continuously Re-imagine your business…..what you do and how you do it.

One thought on “Re-imagine; Re-tool; Re-invent

  1. How many times has Sears “re-invented” itself since the good old “wish book” days? And how could any company be so wrong so many times. MTV? What happened to the K-Mart marriage? and the designer fashion fling? Land’s End? Perhaps the moral of this story is stick to what you do best — in Sears’ case, appliances and tools. Could be their success in these two areas has damaged sales in other store departments. Unless the MTV market uses lots of tools and appliances, it appears to be another marriage made in marketing hell.

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