Deliver a Superior Product

It’s the total customer experience.

Aviation has always been an aspect of what I do ….sometimes directly….sometimes indirectly. I did begin my business career with The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA so that makes it real!

A family member recently had the opportunity to fly on a NetJets Citation Ultra. While it could become a nice habit….all of us may not be able to do that, yet NetJets is a successful company providing an unique service and experience to its customers.

I went to the Web site to get more information and was impressed on how it presented its business model and product/service proposition. Certainly the site was very marketing directed. The Web site itself was first class as is the product /service it is selling. The premise of NetJets is the fractional ownership of an aircraft. A company that is part of Berkshire-Hathaway is going to do well. It has the financial resources. My take is that like a lot of innovative comapanies….NetJets created the market for an extremely high-service and personal air transporation business.

There are two key elements of the NetJets business model that apply to any business or organization:

  • If not the best-don’t do it
  • Deliver a product superior to anyone else


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