Loyal Customers

Forget Satisfied Customers

I don’t like to miss out on any idea/tool/resource that can make business better. So one resource that I have always bookmarked is Jeffery Gitomer. Gitomer is probably one of the most influential people on Sales.

He has written a bunch of small little books on just about every aspect of selling. In fact when I visited Barnes and Noble a few days ago, there was a neat package of maybe 6-8 of his books. They are quick reads and to the point.

Gitomer recently wrote:

I’m sick of customer satisfaction. The worst companies in the world tout the fact that they won some satisfaction award. It’s not just a bad joke. It’s a pathetic statement.

Every company is hoping that their customers will reorder. They’re hoping that their customers will spread the word about how great their products are, and about how great their people are. And they’re hoping to proactively encourage others to place an order or do business with them.

That is NOT customer satisfaction.
That is customer LOYALTY.

Every company must have loyalty as its mission, not satisfaction.
Every company must have loyalty as its imperative, not satisfaction.

I goofed up once over 30 years ago in creating customer loyalty in our family business….I have never forgotten the encounter. It’s a powerful reminder that at the end the day….the customer determines the success of your business.

Lesson Learned: Sell all the time. Keep your loyal customer for a lifetime.


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