Getting Better

Back from Michigan

We just returned from a visit to my hometown in Michigan. This is a photo of the Lake Michigan shoreline.  Pretty nice in the summer.  Michigan again is in a transition economy. The area where I grew up has not changed dramatically, population nor business wise. So how do businesses compete, survive and grow in this environment.

My theory is that businesses continually have to learn to be better. By learning, a business/organization grows not just numerically but increases its knowledge of creating new products/services, new ways to develop loyal customers, and new pathways to growth.  The same holds true for my hometown….Muskegon. I wrote before that Muskegon was an industrial-manufacturing town trying to transition to something different. Manufacturing still exists….even some foundries remain.  

As I drove around some familiar areas….it seemed that while some places have changed. A new mall, new office buildings….a redeveloped downtown, other parts had not gotten better and were still the same as they were 20 years ago.

Lesson Learned: Get better all the time….marginal increments won’t work.

Business Update:

We traveled to  Michigan on Midwest Airlines. I wrote about Midwest before. I believe they can survive and grow if they continue to enhance their original business model of service….. Best Care in the Air.  Even if it costs more….I believe most travelers want better service not less. Midwest Airlines doesn’t have to recreate the old airline model of the 60’s….what  most travelers  want is safety, reliable flights and pleasant/efficient service.

This past week Midwest announced it will eliminate service to RDU, MKG and other cities….I wonder how this strategy will play out.