Getting Better 2

Business is difficult….it requires not 100% effort, not 110%….it needs 110+% all the time. The  challenge is to provide products/services that expand and enhance the quality of life. In our family furniture business….the purpose was always to give our customers great products at affordable prices….to make their homes enjoyable. Later I worked with a company that manufactured a product that provided a reasonable cost alternative to very large roof systems.

A key business principle, that I have seen develop over the years is the ability to “get better”.  Oren Harari quoted the following in his 08.02.08 post, it’s a statement made in a planning session on how a company should react to new competitors….new markets….new customers. 

“They’re playing with fundamentally new technologies, new market niches, new services, new supply and distribution chains—even new business models entirely. At this point, they don’t have much scale or reach. They may not even have much capitalization. But for some of them, that will all change. We need to put on the glasses they’re wearing. We need to look at the marketplace and our business the way they do. They’re giving us clues as to where our future competition will be. And if we don’t confront these issues right away, all our fame and fortune today won’t be enough to sustain our position tomorrow.”

The end result is that if you keep doing the same thing….you get the same results. Familiar enough….yet some folks are very content with the status quo.

Lesson Learned: The world is getting smaller….competition is fiercer….Get Better!