Excellence 1


Tom Peters wrote recently about his experience at a Bruce Springsteen concert in Boston and this is a quote from a comment to his post:

 “What Bruce does par excellence is build a relationship with his audience. You don’t go to watch Bruce, you go to participate. The concerts are co-created by performer, band and audience in union. I first went 23 years ago and have been going ever since. He built a relationship with me and as a result I have a fierce brand loyalty.”

I have never been to a Springsteen concert. I have attended a few other performers concerts. After thinking about it, at the concerts I attended, I also had a similar experience. That is what I believe enterprises are called to do. It is the positive experience that we want to create for every customer. And the long-term relationship that helps companies develop a strategy for growth and profitability.

Unfortunately many businesses and organizations don’t model this. Sometimes we get immune to the mass approach….poor services, poor products. We have a choice don’t buy from these folks. Conversely if our businesses don’t provide great service, good products and a positive experience….customers won’t buy from us.



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