Remember the Details

Bagging Groceries

My very first paying job was bagging groceries at Plumb’s Supermarkets. Not only did we bag the groceries, we also loaded the bags on a two wheeled cart. Pushing-Pulling two bag carts in a slushy snow-covered parking lot was a tough job. However, before I “moved up” to cart pulling I had to learn how to pack a square bag. The head packer had to train me. Yes, there is an art to bag packing. Heavier items on the bottom….boxes preferably in the middle….and fragile items on top. The purpose being to retain the rectangular shape of the bag. And by keeping the correct bag shape….we got more bags on the bag cart! And more tips!

Today at our local Kroger’s, it was obvious the bagger neither was trained nor understood the concept of the square bag. This bag was a disaster:

This is not a correctly packed bag!

This bag packer obviously had no training!

This certainly doesn’t leave a great impression after the sale!

So what’s the point:

  • Details are important-Do the job right
  • The sale is incomplete if the products are not delivered properly
  • Training is ongoing

Of course we will continue to shop at Kroger’s. Next time I’ll do the packing…. the bags will be square bags! And Plumb’s Super Markets have been in business over 50 years.

Note: Tossing grocery items into plastic bags is not real “bagging”!

Note: The Wall Street Journal on bagging.


3 thoughts on “Remember the Details

  1. It’s all about competition. When we lived in NJ, ShopRite was the only game in town. No bagging, no help to the car, not even a smile. Then again, it was an accurate reflection of NJ’s imprersonal culture.
    When we moved to NC, we were suspicious of helpful check-out baggers. Go figure!

  2. Having been in the retail business for over 20 years, I can attest to the fact that those details like proper bag packing have gone aray a LONG time ago. Even the good companies miss the point of paying attention to the details in today’s highly competitive retail world. Only the best of the best think open-minded and catch all of the important things that go into making each customer feel like the most important thing to him at that moment.

  3. The funny thing about today’s society is only 1% of the population would even recognize that something was wrong in that bag picture, and less than that would even care…

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