Open Door

Search The World

My thinking about business has been to discover anything/anyplace/any idea to make an enterprise better. In business lexicon, the opposite is to exist in a silo world. Silo meaning no outside influences on what happens within the silo.

What I have recently read….leads to an open door strategy. That is: invite customers, suppliers, competitors into your business to help your business and theirs grow together. By doing so a business gets the creative talents of many folks. Of course there are guidelines….but managed properly what better way to seek out new ideas that can make an organization/business be better.

Looking back….this certainly would not have been a major theme in business school or the “real world”. In our family business….we were in a very competitive environment. One of my best friends was a competitor, yet because we were friends we shared what was going on in our market. We didn’t lose business because of this. And at times we sent customers to each other. Just think everyone working on the big picture could have expanded the market rather than each trying to retain their own little slice.

Lesson Learned: Open the door to any new idea that can help your business.

Note: Here’s an Inc. article that is a nice start to discover new ideas.


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