It’s Always About People -1


Ray and I have been friends for over 50 years. When I return to Michigan….we of course share old memories. We worked in the same industry. We were competitors for a period of time (always friendly!). What really has made our friendship strong was that we always had the same values concerning business and people and for each other.

While focused on selling the products….Ray has a great story on the art of selling. At one of the businesses Ray worked in….the younger staff always wanted to make the quick sale and get on to to the next potential customer. Ray being a little older and wiser never rushed the selling process. He often got the older customers who took their time making decisions. Yet Ray took his time and listened to these customers. It may have taken longer….however by listening and developing a relationship ….most times Ray did not have to ask for the sale. By listening to folks he gained their confidence and solved the decision marking problem for them.

Point of Story:

The final part of the sales process….

“Not would you like to purchase this item….But when would you like it delivered!”


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