Destination + Reinvention

And Paradise Pup

Jon Schallert is a proponent of businesses being a destination business. In the retail business this is an absolute must. In his August newsletter he writes:

“The reason I go into such detail here is that the need to reinvent one’s business is a natural, recurring event that must occur if you are going to stay ahead of your competition, and keep amazing customers. Reinvention is not an optional activity. Especially in today’s economy.”

Schallert writes that many large retail chains are closing locations because they failed to reinvent themselves….essentially doing the same things that create the problems they are having now. Read his take on Starbucks.

So where does Paradise Pup fit in. Paradise Pup is a simple hamburger joint in the Chicago area. From the Internet reviews….it makes great hamburgers and Chicago style hot dogs. I was reluctant to write anything more since the reviews were mixed….some thought it great….others overrated. The name itself however rates a mention. Paradise Pup….very cool!.

I think there are businesses like Paradise Pup that never change. For the most part they are not growing. They meet a need. They provide a nice living. They seldom change. What they have to do is to provide a good product and acceptable service. However, growing business have to be in continuing change. The market changes. Customers Change. Think of Kodak and Polaroid….their original businesses no longer exists. Both were in  photographic film, now it’s digital photography.

Reluctance to change (ie why rock the boat) and taking the steps (execution,risk) are two main reasons why enterprises don’t change and find themselves in trouble. An organization can continue along like Paradise Pup, however reinvention can create new growth, new customers, greater opportunities and greater rewards.


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