What’s New?

The Internet

I can recall back in our family business when sales representatives visited us….inevitably the first question to them was What’s New?. We wanted the latest news, the most current idea, the freshest design, anything to make us more competitive. I think we asked what’s new because we were looking for any new inspiration to keeps us energized.

When I began consulting….I always was searching for the latest idea or concept. In those days, all the resources were in print and often dated.

Now it seems, I’m in a continuous, real time search mode. All because of the Internet.

The Internet has made the business world….instantaneous. No longer do I have to ask what’s new. What’s new is at my fingertips every morning. It puzzles me that enterprises are reluctant to seek out any resource that can help them be better. It also puzzles me that folks on the Internet do not keep their sites and information current. The Internet provides a business changing tool that can expand a business into completely different markets and customers. Yet many organizations have wasted their resources by not keeping content current and upgrading their web site.

I look for fresh, new, innovative ideas daily. The best resources are those that provide that information. Likewise the best businesses are those that are fresh, and new to their customers. To keep your customers for the long term….give them a reason for always returning to your business.

Lessons Learned:

  • Use the Internet as a competitive resource
  • Update your content and web site continuously
  • Keep customers/clients retuning to you for the long-term

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