The past few weeks have been consumed by dire news reports. How the economy is going to adjust. Banks that are buying one another, bickering. Does one stop reading the news? Turn off the TV?  We can’t change what happened.  Hopefully the mess won’t be forgotten and there will be significant Lessons Learned.

What we can change is tomorrow and the next day. While there will continue to be news….some bad….some good, my experience has been to do everything better the next day.

One very wintry January in Michigan prevented many customers from venturing out to buy home furnishings. Snow fell almost every day….sometimes 7-8 inches. It took the good part of the morning to clear the parking lot….get the store ready and to make sure the trucks were cleaned off and started up. That January our sales were only 25% of what they should have been. And the payables/overhead did not stop. The heat and lights had to be on.

Every day we had to be open for business.

We can listen to the news. Yet leave the door open for good news. Our efforts need to be focused on doing everything we can do for our enterprises to be better and open for tomorrow.