Keep Paddling

 Mark Beeson

If you had not already guessed, I seek out ideas whereever I can find them. Mark Beeson comes from the nonprofit side of enterprises/organizations. I like what he says not only because it relates to the current business challenges we face, but also from the fact that he says exactly what a leader should say in times like this:

I think we’re heading into some turbulent economic waters. The market has been dropping and my Platt River Kayak experiences taught me this axiom: “The lower the water, the more you scrape the bottom.”

But you don’t have to stop just because you’re scraping along. In fact, that may be the very time you should paddle harder.

If your trip is worth taking (and I’m assuming you think it is, since you are on the water with me) my advice is: keep paddling. When the waters are rough, keep paddling. When the ride is bumpy, keep paddling. We’re not there yet.

Don’t bail out.
Don’t give up.
Don’t quit.
Persevere in hardship.”

And this from the Raleigh News-Observer (10.8.08):

“These leaders have not demonstrated that they are collectively up to the challenge of managing organizational change.”

Lessons Learned:

  • Understand the power of leadership
  • Manage/lead wisely
  • Keep paddling to calmer water

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