Power Tools

Use the RightTool

My next seminar is focused on knowing and using the right tools to manage and lead a business. I have always liked the term RightTools. The key is to find and apply them. If you examine a Lowes Home Center ad, it seems there is always a new and better tool to do a job easier and faster. I have an old Craftsman power drill that has the key chuck and always needs 50 feet of extension cord to do any job. I need a new power drill with a battery pack and key-less chuck to do those drilling jobs easier and faster.


The same in business today. Find a better tool to do the job. That’s why I’m continuously searching for a new idea….a new concept….a better/different business model.

There are really two key aspects of doing business in the next 18 months:

  • Do the basics!
  • Find new tools!