Next Year

Next Generation

next-yearI wrote last about the “auto bailout” and somehow or other that will be resolved. While watching the early morning news today….a segment came on about Toyota, Honda and other Japanese auto manufacturers. They obviously have more money than The Big 3 (Toyota will still have a $5 B profit in 2008)….they also are ready with the next generation of automobiles entering the market in 2010. In other words they are ready….and have been ready for the Next Years.

So what do we do as small businesses….We get ready for the next years!

  • Get your business in order
  • Define/Redefine your market
  • Get the right products
  • Know your customer
  • Develop a competitive pricing strategy
  • Plan with the next year(s) in mind

The next year will be challenging for business. The past few years have been overheated. Poor financial decisions by banks, people, businesses. I read about a family that bought an expensive SUV….because they looked good in it….poor decision!

Being in business may have been easy in the past….it’s not!

It takes a lot of effort and thought and willingness to be better.

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