US Air 1549

us-air-320CBS 60 Minutes had the first interview with the crew of US Air Flight 1549. This morning the crew, passengers and rescue personnel were on the CBS Early Morning Show. The Captain of Flight 1549 (Sully) demonstrated outstanding airmanship in landing the Airbus 320 on the Hudson river. A textbook for a forced landing. A fundamental element in pilot training is always being able to land if an emergency dictates that.

Sully being the captain was in command and has been the primary spokesperson for this event. In  the interviews….he made one extraordinary statement that should apply to any business or organization. The total success was not entirely Sullys. The aircraft landing on the river, the evacuation of the plane and the rescue of the passengers was a “team” effort. While Sully was the team leader….everyone contributed to the success of this landing. If the co-pilot had not been fully engaged….if the crew not reacted to their training….if the rescue folks had not been prepared….the outcome may have not been the same.

team-circleMy experience has been that business/organizations have greater success when they understand the value of a high-performance team approach. Often in my presentations I use Duke (it could be UNC or NCSU….we do live in basketball land!) basketball as a real life example of a team. The Duke team has many superstars….their success is because the leader (Coach “K”) teaches them to play as a team….not as out-of-control individuals.

That’s why the best business/organizations operate as teams that get the job done….rather than committees that continually explore further options.

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