First Mac

macApple Computers have always been the Cadillac of computers. Yet their market share is fairly small. Years ago when I worked with a small manufacturing company I bought Macs for our business.  Now these were the Mac Plus computers….with a 9″ screen….all in one unit. Pretty compact for the time. And also very good. We put all our accounting systems on these little guys. Plus MacWrite and MacDraw….really good stuff. I still have a Mac Color Plus….it doesn’t work….but it must have some historical value!

The Mac was more intuitive….easier to use….and very innovative.

Apple makes great computers (the iMac). Now the ipod, itunes and iphone seem to be their most visible products. What did Apple do to make itself so prominent in the computer/tech world.

Guy Kawasaki was responsible for marketing the Mac and getting it introduced to potential customers. The way the Mac division and Apple functioned and how Apple saw itself and the culture of the company has had a great deal to do with Apple’s success. Read the Jan. 26, 2009 post on Kawasaki’s web site and I believe you will get the idea of what makes Apple a different kind of  company.