Wide Angle Vision


 “The interesting “stuff” usually is going on beyond the margins of ever-narrowing line of sight. ” -Tom Peters

It continues to amaze me that businesses and organizations isolate themselves from a new idea or a different approach to what they do. Even when they face challenging times…there seems to be a mindset of refusal to recognize something different and/or even better!

silo1The catchy phrase is Silo. Tall and narrow thinking rather than wide-angle thinking. I did an MBA project for a division of Ford Motor Co. in Saline, MI that characterized the silo mentality. The manufacturing group that I was working with didn’t want anything to do with anyone else in the plant….they lived and operated in their own silo. Of course the auto industry was different in the 60’s….yet there was a total lack of cooperation and understanding that working together created better products and profitable operation.

A non-profit organization that I occasionally write about continues to function in its own silo. With declining numbers both nationally and locally, it is unable to look outside it’s silo. The result- imposing debt….fewer members…. and deficit budgets.  

Businesses/organizations  can’t change what happened yesterday. What they can change is what happens tomorrow and the next day. That is why Wide Angle Vision is a critical tool in determining an organizations future. The only way to gain that perspective is to be receptive to what is going on outside the silo.

Often it is not necessary to be original….it is more necessary to be effective.