A New Day

Retail also allows–no, requires–continuous reinvention. Actors and actresses will tell you that every audience is different. So is every day in the classroom, restaurant, or surgical suite. –Tom Peters

sunrise-new-dayI still look forward to every new day. It must be from my retail days. Every day was something different. Of course there were some days that were not bright and sunshiny….15 inches of snow….trucks in for repair….special orders delayed.

Yet….even today….each day brings something new.

I suspect that everyone has seen the lady from Scotland on the You Tube video.  Isn’t it great that we discover something different….better…..inspiring every day. Everyone is in some sort of business or organization. If we can find something different or extraordinary to make our enterprises better than each day is a new day. If we are unwilling to recognize change or another way of doing something….than we ought to reconsider what we do.

Examine the power of You Tube!