Blimpy Burgers

Krazy Jim’s Burgers

blimpy-burger OK….I just had to write something about burgers again. Most of us like a burger from time to time. Every community has it’s own unique burger joint. So why write about them?  What I have found is that they all embrace some pretty sound business principles…. 

  • Provide quality products
  • Define their  market
  • Differentiate themselves

Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burgers is in Ann Arbor, MI.   Unfortunately,  Krazy Jim’s was on the other side of the U of M campus (Big Boys were our burger of choice) and I don’t recall ever going there.  Blimpy Burgers were a feature on a Food Network show (another story). What I like is that every dinner or dive is different. That’s how these businesses have longevity.

They are focused on what they do. Generally they have only one location.  The owner is there everyday and probably knows many customers by name.

If you follow the 1:1 Marketing concept….Krazy Jim’s customizes each burger and by so doing creates a customer for a lifetime….very simple….that’s what exceptional businesses  do!

P.S.  “joints” added to my burger honor roll

Squeeze Inn-Sacramento, CA….home of the cheese-skirted (using 3 ice cubes)  Squeeze Burger

Maid-Rite-primarily throughout Iowa….home of the one and only Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich