Doing it Right



Two recent quotes:

“The only strategy for high cost nations in the West competing with the cheap commodity products of the East is to devise ultra-high-quality products that are relentlessly differentiated.” (Global Province)

“Excellence, always. If not excellence, what? If not excellence now, when?” (Tom Peters)

The lesson is  simple:

 Differentiate your product/service….do everything you do superbly (with supreme excellence).

I have encountered several business/organizations where this hasn’t occurred. We are in a period where continuing in business depends on doing stuff superbly.

Chrysler and GM are eliminating thousands of dealerships. From comments regarding some of the discontinued dealerships….they did not perform with excellence. Our free enterprise system does not reward mediocrity. Of course not every dealer did poorly. There simply had to be major change in dealerships. If Chrysler and GM have declined in market share than there has to be a corresponding decline in dealerships. 

Those that remain….I trust will continue on with excellence!

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