Jim Collins

Jim Collins-Mighty FallJim Collins has written two excellent books: Good to Great and Built to Last.  Collins along with Oren Harari and Tom Peters are the three “experts” that I take seriously in the business/organization world. Collins keeps a somewhat low profile….so his web site isn’t on my list to the right. He has come out with a new book…. How the Mighty Fall And Why Some Companies Never Give In.

Jim Collins is an excellent writer and does his homework. In How the Mighty Fall he studies five stages of a company’s decline.

  1. Hubris born of success
  2. Undisciplined pursuit of hope
  3. Denial of risk and peril
  4. Grasping for salvation
  5. Capitulation to irrelevance or death

Chrysler and GM certainly are in stage 4. I know a couple more folks that are teetering between 4 and 5! My experience has been that this is stuff people have to pay attention too….yet these are  difficult ideas for some to comprehend and accept.