Sorry About That

The friendly-helpful hardware man?

Customer Care?

I admit I am on my soapbox. I am fanatic about customer service/care. If a business doesn’t place a priority on that….than it has no right to be in business. Here’s the story:

AceThe local ACE store has a Memorial Day Sale. There was an item that I wanted. So I went to my real convenient ACE store and found one of the item….however I needed two (the other for a friend). The store manager asked an employee to call the other local ACE, about two miles away. They had two of the item. I asked them to put my name on one and I would be there in an hour (I had to go past that store later). The answer from the distant ACE store….No….it’s on sale…..can’t do that.  OK….I was a little annoyed.

On the way out, the local manager was next to my car unloading material. He asked if I was able to obtain the item I wanted. I said no and explained the reason. His response was: “Sorry about that”. What? Sorry?

Now this wasn’t a big deal….yet all he had to do was call the other ACE and say this is John….would you mind holding one of the items for a good customer….he’ll be there in a hour.

That ACE store will be there for years and I’ll go back of course….yet if you are a friendly-helpful business….shouldn’t you do everything with excellence whether it’s a $10 item or a $500 lawn mower?

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