Follow Up

Don’t give up!

We are looking at two significant home projects. So we have spoken to several enterprises that do that type of work. Every time we called for an estimate….they have responded. In a few cases….a “Thank You” note was sent thanking us for considering their business.

Flollow-up-phoneIt has been several weeks….since the initial visits. We have not made a final decision….these are large projects….we want all our ducks lined up and quacking together.

However, there has been no Follow Up from these folks. I suspect that they are either too busy….don’t understand the importance of staying in-touch….or fearful of hearing not getting the sale.

Yet, the Follow-Up could be the most critical part of the sales process. The very ideal of staying in-touch tells the buyer….you want the business….and we the customer want to hear that you are still interested in doing the work.

The End Result:

Follow-up is often difficult to complete in the sales process….yet could be the most important part of the whole deal.