No Mission Statement!

PurposeTo forge strong/innovative businesses and organizations, the focus has been to develop a clear and meaningful vision, mission, and values. These are important….yet, as I have written before they are often words with little meaning or execution. I have seen folks that have absolutely no comprehension of what these mean and continue to do what they have done in the past….which doesn’t work.

 Oren Harari wrote in his last post about no more mission statements….rather clarify purpose:


 BlocksWhat I have seen is that folks don’t spend time with setting the foundation (building blocks) in place for their business or organization. I will admit that I have learned this over the years….and it’s very easy to spend all the time on operating the business. In fact, at the MBA level back in the old days….most of the courses were on how to run a business….to make it tick even better.

I would restate what Oren wrote this way:

  • Know the Customer
  • Create an Uniqueness
  • Do it Better
  • Create a Legacy
  • Execute Together
  • Develop a Positive Outcome


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