Lead from Behind!

A New Leadership Style?

bad leaders 2From a notice for an organization: “we are seeking a person who can lead from behind.”

What is this?

Leaders lead from the front….that’s what leadership is all about.

Now this group has declining numbers and resources. It can’t meet its current budget. For someone in this shape, I would think they would want someone to lead them out of this mess. 

From my experience, these folks will  probably find someone who is willing/or wants to lead from behind.

And so for this organization, the downward spiral will continue.

One thought on “Lead from Behind!

  1. Biff:
    The notice suggests said org is looking for someone to PUSH people into action, rather than PULL them along. Reminds me a lot of my basic training cadre: they’d push with threats of terrible repercussion if you didn’t move in the direction they wanted. It was leadership through intimidation, a style not likely to work in the real world of corporate (or church) dynamics.

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