TeamworkIn my Leadership presentations, I spend a lot of time on teams and their effect on a business or organization. Teams are most effective when:


  • The right people are on the team
  • The team has a clear purpose
  • There is a compelling performance goal

So not every working group is a team. And what makes a team so effective is that it can accomplish much more collectively than working individually. Getting an F-15 into combat is a complete team effort….that’s why the pilot and crew chief exchange salutes….reinforcing the idea that both are equally responsible for completing the mission as a team.

Teamwork 2I am familiar with a group of folks that are barely surviving. There has been no “team” effort in the past six months to face the issues. At a recent meeting, one of the participants….made the statement:

“Well, I’m glad I am not part of the  group facing these problems.”

What made this comment interesting was that the person making it, had in the past a prominent leadership role.  

If you want to be a leader….than you have to be on the team….helping to instill hope into a  faltering group.



I am reading three very good books:

  • In-N-Out Burger – Stacy Periman
  • How The Mighty Fall – Jim Collins
  • Rules of Thumb – Allan Webber

My business/organization success theory has been to find outstanding resources….use my wisdom (hopefully good)….and evaluate my experiences to come up with some sound ideas and principles. And of course…. act upon them.

In n out hamburgerThe In-N-Out story is fascinating in that Harry and Esther Snyder relied on a rather simple concept for their In-N-Out fast-food chain.


Nothing complicated, yet that idea laid the foundation for In-N-Out, sixty years later.

Five Stages of FailureHow the Mighty Fall spells out in just over 200 pages the five stages of decline that a business or organization can easily slip in to.  It’s difficult for folks to accept exactly where they are in their business life cycle.

As Max Depree said: Define Realty.

 Alan WebberAllan Webber was the co-founder of Fast Company magazine. Fast Company reinvented Business Journalism in the 1990s.  While there are countless books on rules, Webber understands business. Fast Company redefined future business.

And I did meet Allan Webber several years ago….nice guy.