Confidence + Credibility

I’ve written before….about our home renovations.

The products are quite similar. Every window starts to look the same. All the roofing contractors seem to prefer Certainteed. There are way too many counter-top colors.  So how are the choices made? Is it Price….Quality….Consumer Rating? In the end it’s all three . Yet, I think  a major factor is the:

Buyer - SellerBuyer-Seller Relationship 

How does the sales person reflect the company? What type of relationship develops in that hour when the presentation is made? Do I feel confident in this person and in the company? Now here is the twist in this interaction. I am only dealing with the sales person….not the company owner. So I may get a whiz-bang sales guy and a “C-” business. I don’t think that’s the case….I ‘m calling on my business experience to sift through these sales calls.

At the end of the day….the decision will be made on:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Rating
  • Relationship

DanceThe buying-selling process is like a dance. Do I feel confident in this sale partnership….so that we can perform the dance (buying process) successfully and gracefully?

Make the buyer – seller relationship….Outstanding.

It is always Products and People!