Home – Part 2

Good Things

In the last post….I said I was discouraged about my visit to Muskegon. While it may take longer than a few years for any significant growth to take place….the perseverance of the community will continue to prevail. No, Muskegon will never be like where we live in North Carolina….however, it will still be home. Some more thoughts on our visit:

LumberjacksMuskegon has been home to minor league hockey with a great legacy. For over 50 years, it has been the Zephrys, Mohawks, Lumberjacks, Fury and Lumberjacks again. Moose Lallo was a popular coach…. what a name for a hockey coach. And Jeff Carlson aka Jeff Hanson from the classic hockey movie Slap Shot played for the Mohawks.

This is real hockey!


Milwaukee ClipperThe Milwaukee Clipper, The WW II Submarine Silversides, and  LST 393 reside in Muskegon.  The clipper for many years traveled between Muskegon and Milwaukee. Today….a high speed catamaran, The Lake Michigan Express, makes the same trip. All three of these famous ships have been restored by the local community….that says a lot about the dedication of folks to keep these ships history alive. 

MKGMuskegon County Airport. As a pilot I often flew from our local airport. Now it has two 6000+ prevailing wind runways, instrument landing systems and fine ground facilities. Any community would be proud of an aerodrome like this. However, only Delta/Northwest has three daily flights to Detroit. For many years, commercial flights were also made to Chicago and Milwaukee. As business rebounds….the real benefit of MKG will be to the corporate/business segment of aviation. 

Frauental TheaterThe Frauenthal Theater is really a grand gem and the cornerstone of a reconstructed downtown. It is of a classic moorish design and the center for the symphony and theater in Muskegon. The Frauenthal was built in 1929 and renovated in 1998. Fortunately there is foundation that helps keep it a viable part of the community.


 These are the good things and accomplishments that Muskegon can be proud of.






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