Act….Rather Than Observe

How does a business get started? Any organization gets stated when someone acts on it.

OpportunityEconomies (businesses) move forward when we explore opportunities. Even though the current  economy is  going through adjustment….opportunities exist for new products/services/ways to do business. Even when an enterprise can no longer continue….there is always the opportunity for something better/different to emerge.

Often people close the doors and become obervers….when really new doors are opening and it is time to be the actor. 

There are actors and there are observers.

Great businesses and organizations are created because someone is ready to act.



One thought on “Opportunity

  1. I have a conflicting response. As a journalist, I find it much easier to observe life rather than participate. As a manager, I firmly believe we can do well to follow the adage “sink, swim, but never gurgle.
    Can Biff resolve my dilemma?

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