Do it Right

ProfessionalGrowing businesses/organizations do things right! Sure they make mistakes….yet they recognize them early and make the necessary corrections. They do what they do with professionalism.

Almost on a daily basis, It seems that I encounter folks that could use  a dose of professionalism.

Two recent examples:

  • A medical examination firm missed two appointments….no notification. On the third try….the right person arrived even earlier than the scheduled appointment. She was the professional (and had been with the firm over 17 years).
  • A request for  information from two medical offices. Letters sent three weeks ago….no reply. Unprofessional!

Even more significant examples:

  • US Airways Flight 1549. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and the flight crew performed professionally to the highest order in making an emergency ditching in the Hudson River.
  • Colgan Air Flight 4407.  The flight crew exhibited unprofessionalism as they descended in icing conditions into Buffalo, NY. Flights into unusual conditions are acceptable when the flight crew is totally professional. This crew was not. 

Professional 2Business/organizations have two choices. Do it right….Do it wrong. Unfortunately,  the culture of the business creates an environment where doing it wrong is OK….as long as they still have customers.

Of course….we can always choose to do business with professionals.


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