From The Other Side

ExperienceWhen I encounter new endeavors….I am looking for a new experience. When we conduct business….it’s an experience for the buyer and seller. The key for any business/organization  is to create a positive experience. One that invites the customer to return and continue to do business.

Yesterday, we visited a new group. Parts of the experience were great….others not so good. While these folks are successful….perhaps they are forgetting that it is the total experience that counts. It’s not just parts of the encounter that have to be done well…..its all of the pieces put together.

I see many organizations not seeing the total experience….because they are not walking through the front door and seeing from the eyes of the customer. How often do businesses/organizations get caught up in what they do and fail to look at what they do from the outside in?

As leaders/managers….walk through the front door to see your total experience. It may suprise you that it is not as great as you think it is.