I graduated from The University Of Michigan in 1962. It took a course-packed year to finish the MBA in 1967 after our time in the Air Force. Most of my classmates that year had plenty of experience and were pretty focused on what they were going to do after graduation. Some returning to their companies….others like myself starting in new directions.

UM-MBAWhile I haven’t kept up with the U of M  Business School, they have been very kind in sending alumni their publications. The latest is a ten year report on the Institue for Entrepreneurial Studies.  This is a very impressive report on the school’s graduates developing new businesses both in the US and worldwide.

My class years ago with Prof. Waterman on the free enterprise system certainly is even more valid today with the importance of business in economic growth and in particular with entrepreneurialship. What Michigan has developed at the Institute is a catalyst for the economy as well as solidfying the role of business in the economic health of society.

PS. The report was 9×12….full color….high gloss paper….18 pages. However….no web links….email addresses. Not as cutting edge as the report implies!


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