Old School

Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives (DD&D)

Vittos PizzaA friend and I have been on quest for “Old School” DD&Ds. I’m hooked on the Food Network show Dinners, Drive-ins & Dives.

Last week DD&D’s had a segment on Vitto and Nicks Pizza joint in a suburb of Chiacago….and it sure looks like an “old school” pizza restaurant.

We have been to Parker’s Bar-B-Q in Wilson….Honey’s in Durham….and Johsons Drive-In in Siler City.

Johnsons-siler city

Our quest has only begun….we are plotting our next adventure. So what does this “eating our way through NC” project have to do with business? Other than that we are having a great time doing it.

Here’s the business lesson-

All of these places are “Old School”. They have been around years.

Vitto and Nicks: 1923

Honey’s: 1961

Parkers: 1946

Johnsons:  1946

honeys 2


They do what they do very well.

They provide a consistent product and service for a good value.

They have maintained their quality.




While businesses/organizations have to change when their market changes….there are also others that do what they do well and have developed loyal and dedicated customers.

So a business can be Old School or it can be New School.