Esprit de corps

Pride + Determination

PoppyToday, Nov. 11,  is Veterans Day in the US. Growing up in Michigan it use to be Poppy Day and it still is in Canada. On almost every street corner, there were veterans selling  poppy pins….recognizing their pride and determination.

So what makes great businesses/organizations. Of course it’s a whole gamut of doing things right….superior products/services ….understanding the market and customer.

espirit de corpsYet….there ‘s more to great companies. From my experience it is an environment of pride and determination….esprit de corps.

In the Air Force at times, there was a stong esprit de corps. Esprit de corps for the most part depends on leaders. In our family business, we had it. In the small company I worked with in North Carolina….the owners didn’t have it….the people who ran the plant did.

The organizations that recognize the value of esprit de corps will be the ones ready for the future. It’s an intangibile….something that can’t be quantified….it has to be an intrinsic way on how great businesses/organizations are led and managed.

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