Reinvention 2

A New Town

The city where I grew up has reinvented itself….at least the downtown area. Western Ave. use to be like any town’s main street….movie theaters….dime stores….depatment stores and numerous specialty shops.

In the 70’s, Western Ave. was enclosed in a semi-mall fashion. Not a great idea….several years ago the whole downtown area was torn down. The only buildings remaining from the circle north are a seven story bank in the background and three smaller buildings to the left (behind the new building on the corner). The classic Frauenthal theater is at the immediate right.

Not many communities would have torn everything down and started over.

Muskegon is still an industrial town and is not doing well at the moment. It will take several more years for the economy to stabilize and the downtown to be fully rebuilt. In addition, there is a need to rebuild the infrastructure and rehabilitate  housing. And yes….it does get cold and snowy in the winter.

Muskegon….does get an A+ for reinventing itself and I am pleased with that.

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