Dell and others

A friend wrote recently:

“Moving forward demands constant reinvention. How else do we progress except by inventing better plows, better technology, better ideas, better wheels?”

Business Week (10.26.09) had a story on Dell….”Dell’s Do-Over.” Michael Dell, the founder has installed an almost completely new management team to turn around the company.

Here’s the telling point: Dell is being restructured to focus on the customer. It seems to me that’s what business is all about. As Dell grew to a multibillion dollar business….it lost its focus on the customer.

The Chicago Tribune had a recent story on United Airlines: “United Airlines works to reconnect with customers and restore battered reputation.”  No wonder United has such a poor reputation. Who in the heck was running these businesses any way?

No Customers=No Business!

There are businesses that haven’t changed their business model: Those are the ones that deliver great products and services and meet customers needs. However, they must be the best at what they do.

Most businesses must change over the years (markets change-products change)….they must constantly reinvent the wheel.

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