What Really is Important














Tom Peters wrote:

So here are “the real basics”—in five words. Achieve Excellence at these five things and the world (of human organizations) will pretty much be your oyster. To wit:

  • Read. (Outstudy ’em.)
  • Write. (Clear, concise, powerful.)
  • Talk. (Presentation mastery. Study. Practice-practice-practice. Storytelling, mastery of.)
  • Listen. (Study. Practice-practice-practice. Understand enormous power thereof.)
  • Appreciate. (Engaged. Thoughtful. Compassionate. Appreciative always, enormous power thereof.)
  • Tom Peters over the years has emphasized that the “soft” parts of business/organizational life are the most critical.

    Tom is absolutely right.

    These soft skills were not at the forefront in my business school experience. The “hard” analytical tools were taught at Michigan even in the MBA program.

    If anything… the ability to clearly communicate ideas (tell your story) creates a solid foundation for a growing enterprise.