Brand Character

Don’t Lose It!

John Maxwell recently had a post on Tiger Woods. Maxwell is a well-know author on Leadership.

What stands out, especially to Maxwell, is that character is as important as other traits when it revolves around your brand. In this case….Tiger Woods as a personal brand. Somewhere along the way….personal character gets pushed aside….look at politics, sports, business. That is,  if you are a super star at what you do….that is the most important thing….character comes in second, third or even last.

So how does your brand character impact on your business?

I remember the encounter clearly. We had advertised several desirable products. I thought I had written the ad well. Yet a customer came in to buy the product and I did a crummy job in trying to explain my ad and completely satisfy the customer.

In a brief encounter….I tampered with our  brand character. Just as Tiger Woods disregard of character has devasted his personal brand.

The Lesson: Businesses/organizations/people may not minimize the importance of character.