Early 2010 Thoughts









+ New twitter link….140 characters to compose a thought or idea.

+ SAS, the software icon in Cary, 34th consecutive year of revenue growth. Fortunes best place to work.

+ Southwest Airlines, 37th consecutive year of profits.

+ Competition: not to only outperform the competitor….but to be a better business.

+ Markets are global: China population 1.4 B, India 1.2 B, US 310 M, Brazil 200 M.

+ Vision often misunderstood: Doing exciting things….venturing into the unknown….charting a new course.

+ An organization’s history: 2003=400…..2010=40.  A dramatic decline.

One thought on “Random

  1. BB
    I’m confused (not an unusual state) Tried clicking on your Tweet messages and nothing happened. Please help this old dog learn new tricks.

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