Home Run Inn & Palermo’s: Enterprise Builders

Pizza must be at the top of our food pyramid. Supermarkets have 40 ft freezer cases of frozen pizza. Kraft’s DiGiorno is  the leading U.S. frozen pizza. But despite the Kraft powerhouse. in the Chicago market, Home Run Inn, a Chicago company, has 22.4% of the market.

So what sets Home Run Inn pizza from the competition? According to recent Chicago Tribune article….it’s their own sausage, not precooked and their distinctive “buttery”crust. Home Run Inn’s sales in 2009 through conventional grocery channels were $46.1 million

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the home of Palermo’s pizza. Palermos’ also has different crusts and varieties. They make store brand pizzas as well as pizzas with the Palermo’s brand. Palermo’s expects sales in 2010 to top $150 million. The total frozen pizza market is $4.2 billion.

The real story is how these two companies got started and how they have grown. Both began as small family pizza parlors. Home Run Inn began in the 1940’s at a West Side Chicago bar. Palermo’s began in the 1960’s on Milwaukee’s east side.

Both companies are family-owned and family-run and it was the younger generation family members that expanded the businesses. The popularity of rising crust pizzas launched by Parlermo in 1989 that led to significant increases in the frozen pizza market segment .

Both Palermo’s and Home Run Inn are great examples of how our economy grows by growing markets.

A strong economy develops and businesses grow when companies become: Enterprise Builders