Deliver the Product


My BBA was in production management. I don’t think Michigan had a degree program in production management. I made that up….very similar to Dan’s DD Form 1423 (prior post). I wanted something that combined manufacturing and business….so that’s the courses I took.

Manufacturing is cool….yet to some it seems that the U.S. has lost its place as a manufacturing economy. Certainly, many products are made overseas by lower cost producers. However, the U.S. is still a manufacturer of complex high-value products.  Products have changed and companies must change.

Every business is or should be good at something. If for example (Kodak) film photography is no longer viable, Kodak needs to manufacture digital cameras. Technology changes …. businesses/organizations must also.

Whether it’s a tangible or intangible product….we manufacture it in one way or another.

I still have to deliver the product: a seminar, a proposal or this blog….so after all these years….the degree in production management has held up well.