Undercover Boss 3


Last nights Undercover Boss (UB) was the CEO of the 7-11 convenience stores. 7-11 is a world-wide business with sales of $17 B. Most of the stores are franchised….with the 7-11 corporate organization providing support services and products.

Joe DePinto is the CEO and a West Point graduate.  He seemed to be a likable leader. The real story is that all these executives use the UB experience to discover what it’s really like for the people on the front lines. It’s those folks that interact with the customer and make the difference in business performance.

At the end of the show….the UB makes a speech before maybe a couple hundred people from corporate HQ….kinda staged….stating that they will change….lets wait a few months to see if that does happen. UB should have a 6 month AAR (After Action Report).

 All three UB’s have said they wanted to use the experience to be better.

They all must have read the TrueNorth blog! 


One thought on “Undercover Boss 3

  1. This was a great episode. Nice guy who helped a dedicated and happy inmigrant become his own boss and a new franchisee of 7-11. It must be hard to have a 24-7 operation run by the book in so many locations. Seems like motivating people within this business has to do also with the location: the larger, more successful store was full of action and chanllenge, the smaller, more boring and mundane, probably tougher to work in.
    Can’t wait for an episode about a megabank or airline. Airline could be scary.

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