Customer Care

Not a good day

I often think businesses/organizations don’t care about the customer/visitor. Sure they may say that they have great customer service….yet in the long-term do they execute it? Words are easy….execution difficult.

Three examples of execution of customer care on Monday:


+ Toyota-The recent recalls have put Toyota on the spot. They have to protect the brand. Not only must they be humble in accepting the issues….they must execute….they have to care about the customer and fix the problem regardless of costs.

The company that did our bath conversion called and wanted to use us a reference. I wrote previously that it simply needed to complete the sale with a “thank you” followup. I wanted them to care. Sadly….no refernce yet.

+ A home remodeling company that gave us a bid, sent out a bulk email yesterday (Only send out promotion emails whan you have permission….doing so otherwise alienates potential customers). In this particular email, it wasn’t even done correctly and over 300 unwanted address dumped into my email address book. It took over an hour to clean them out. I even called the owner and got an abrupt reply. If this is how this company handles customer care….why would I be interested in doing business with them.

The Lesson Learned: Execute real customer care. That’s what keeps customers for the long term. If a business/organization doesn’t want to do this….it needs to find something else to do.