Mr. Mustard

Mount Horeb (National) Mustard Museum

I’m always intrigued by quirky businesses. The National  Mustard Museum certainly qualifies.

The National Mustard Museum is home of the world’s largest collection of prepared mustards — over 4,100 jars, bottles, and tubes from all 50 states and more than 60 countries.

“The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum began when its founder, Barry Levenson, started collecting mustards on October 27, 1986. His beloved Red Sox had lost the World Series to the New York Mets that night and Barry was very depressed.”

An integral part of the museum is all the mustards that Berry Levenson sells….it’s a museum and a business.

The real clincher is their catalog….well done and entertaining.

After examining the world of mustard….one discovers there’s more to mustards than the classic yellow mustard.

Undercover Boss 8


Rick Arquilla, President and COO was this weeks UB. UB 8 revealed a personal side of Mr. Arquilla and the stories seemed to reflect that.

An interesting statement was UB 8 saying:

“I’ve let this company down”

This was during his visit to the Des Moines, Iowa manufacturing plant. There was uncertainty about whether Roto-Rooter would outsource the products and close the plant….thus morale was low. The end result….UB realized that by not communicating to the workers and…. I suppose to plant management, that he had let those folks down. The decision was: no outsourcing.

It seems all of these UB’s have gained a different and better perspective about  the folks that make their businesses work.

I trust that these new perspectives….prevail!